Your might be using too many chart patterns!
Avoid using all at once because they can kill 'good' opportunities that are key for consistent results, prop trader says👇🏽


Master Scanning & Trading Basic & Advanced Chart Patterns For Stocks, Forex, Futures, Commodities and Crypto for both Day Trading and Swing Trading

Hi, I am Atanas Matov, The Amazon's Best Selling Author Of The Ultimate Price Action Guide and Founder of

For the first time ever, get a behind-the-scenes look at the Power Trio Pattern of proven chart patterns trading technique we use in our everyday trading.

Here Is What You Will Learn:

How many of these SKILLS do you have?

What's your gut-level response to them?

Most traders who struggle with reading chart patterns will never face some of these advanced techniques head-on. 

Instead they:

 Google "how to trade with chart patterns" and jump from one vague formula to another, hoping something will click.

 Pay thousands of dollars for expensive courses and pray they're better (an expensive bet that rarely pays off).

 Just keep thrashing in the dark, watching their trading results slow down … and then start to dry up their trading accounts. 

Don't do this.

There is a better way to learn how to read chart patterns. You won't find it in a random Google search, in a "chart patterns chat room" or via some junior blogger.

Yes, you could learn it yourself if you put in the time and effort. (I figured how to do it after 10+ years of trial and error, hundreds of thousands of charts, learning everything the hard way, studying and using every training I could find — not to mention thousands of dollars in live trading.)

But you can skip all that hard work and heartache by following a few simple but usually missed steps:

1. Find someone who has years of experience reading and trading with chart patterns. Not one or two good trades but thousands of trades taken and a major online presence.

2. Find someone you trust who has traded in multiple styles and across multiple timeframes. Someone, who understands trading from price action to trading indicators and understands the overall macro picture of the markets

3. And most important, focus on the stuff that truly matters. (Your timeframe doesn't matter, but where those patterns are located based on the place of the chart could make or break your business.)

This is why we focus on The Power Trio Chart Patterns — they are proven, reliable, versatile, and authentic — traders love this confluence of factors and we don't have to worry about entering in a trade too early, or too late. 

In just a few videos you will be not only shown how to read&use chart patterns the right way. But you will learn how to magnify their reliability by using the Trio Chart Patterns Process. 

This approach I'm excited to share with you today.


Watch me walk you through from basic chart patterns to one powerful trading technique that is unfamiliar to the majority of chart patterns traders

And learn how to boost your trading results with little to no effort

Behind the Chart Patterns gives you a behind-the-scenes look at The Power Trio Pattern of proven, authentic chart patterns technique we use when trading with chart patterns.

This isn't a bloated, fluffy lecture about chart patterns. It's a focused, personal demonstration of how I trade using these three of the most effective steps in our toolset.

The Power Trio Patterns course includes 8 videos that SHOW you exactly how read, interpret and trade with chart patterns. Follow along, step by step, as we explain, show, and perfect chart patterns trading entries.

This is not a PDF on trading tips. It does not include "paint-by-numbers" chart templates. You can find that anywhere.

We wanted to go deeper and let you shadow us through the entire chart patterns selection process. Imagine how much you will learn by watching me screen, read and trade with chart patterns — right in front of you.

You'll get our Power Trio Patterns course, and you'll get to learn the way wee see use chart patterns from A-Z. Let's have a quick glimpse into some of the content included now:

Video 1

The Big Reveal: From macro to micro or where to start the process from

What you'll learn:

 The fast way to outline a chart pattern (we start every chart analysis this way)

 How should you connect the right points — even if you've never done this before?

 Improve the opening of any trade with the Higher Highs Higher Lows Technique

 Why Trying To Catch The Perfect Trade Syndrome will kill your trading results and how to avoid it

 See the hidden framework behind a smooth and fast chart pattern recognition

Video 2

The Transformation: How to go from newbie to chart patterns recognition expert without the stress

What you'll learn:

 How to know the right moment to place a trade — and where to put a stop loss

 Which parts of your trading routine should you remove from your plan?

 Multiple proven ways to profit with from different timeframes

 The 5-second test that protects you from ever making costly mistakes

 The best place to look for chart pattern formation quick

Video 3 (Advanced)

The Irresistible Pattern: One big secret about a chart pattern that nobody warns you about

What you'll learn:

 The chart pattern's "sin" that's much worse than experiencing FOMO 

 When and how to decipher this pattern 

 What is the #1 thing all chart pattern traders want? (Without this, don't even start trading with chart patterns)

 How to use chart patterns smart and cut 90% of the work you have been doing so far

 How to pick the best chart patterns

Video 4 (Advanced)

The Last Of The Mohicans: The BRR technique or Break, Re-Test, Reversal

What you'll learn:

 How much revenue a good chart pattern can bring in

 How you can crack big market player's default behaviour — smart levels

 How can you trade with the Power Trio Pattern without blowing your account.

 What is the best confluence of technical factors for a smooth P/L?

 The "Retail vs Professional" Technique and the critical moment to use it

Q & A

Q: There are lots of courses about chart patterns. What's different about The Power Trio Pattern course?

A: I’m a big fan of lots of books and courses on chart patterns. But after studying hundreds of books and courses — and trading for close to two decades now — I wanted to show you the actual process of trading with chart patterns.

There are many things you’ll learn in The Power Trio Pattern course that no book could ever teach you:

 Watch exactly how I trade, including which markets are best to trade at what times. It’s the difference between reading a recipe book and watching a chef cook it on video. You see what it should really look like when it’s done right.

 What's the difference between trading the good vs fake chart patterns? How do you know when to start a trade … and where to place your stop loss? How do you blend theory with practice? You can never learn this from a book. But you’ll see it in this course, which will save you hours of research, trial and error and most importantly costly mistakes.

 We also include lots of subtle techniques — from the Power Trio Pattern itself to structural market secrets we’ve learned, and psychological insights we’ve pioneered — all in The Power Trio Pattern short course.

Q: What's the difference between The Power Trio Pattern and other trading courses?

A: In short, The Power Trio Pattern is surgically focused on how to read and trade with chart patterns.

We offer several courses that help you improve different aspects of your trading. The Power Trio Pattern is a focused, behind-the-scenes short video course at how to trade efficiently with chart patterns. My Price Action Method and Supply and Demand Course are both full-length comprehensive trading strategies that teach you everything about Price Action Trading and Supply and Demand Trading and more.

All of these courses are designed to complement each other and can be taken in any order.

Q: What if I don't trade with chart patterns? Does this course work for serve me, too? Or should I start with any of the other courses first?

A: Yes! The chart patterns we profile in this course are for traders interested in trading with chart patterns, but the principles in The Power Trio Pattern can be applied to help you better understand what other market participants trading with chart patterns are seeing — and help you improve you results even if you are a pure price action trader. The Power Trio Pattern course will give you a unique market perspective. 

Q: What if I'm not a trader? What if I've never placed a trade before?

A: You don't need to be an experienced trader to trade with chart patterns. The magic is in the process. Even if you don't have prior trading experience, you can still take this course.

Q: How do I know if I need this course?

A: Have you run into any of the following challenges when looking for trading education:

Where do I start?
How do I get into a trade?
Where do I place my stop loss?
What markets should I trade?
How do I sieve fake from great chart patterns?
How do I know if the trade that I have entered into is actually a good one?
How can I improve my risk:reward ratio with chart patterns?

If so, The Power Trio Pattern course will help you.

Q: What if I am already a profitable trader? Will this help?

A: Yes! A key piece of The Power Trio Pattern is an insider's look at how I evaluate successful chart patterns … including the steps I take to improve any chart patterns that aren't yet ready to pop. This is one of the reasons why WATCHING me discover and trade those chart patterns is so powerful.

Q: How long do I need to grasp the content of the course?

A: You have access to the entire course as soon as you enroll, but you can go at your own pace. To go through the course material and grasp the material, expect to spend no longer than a weekend.

The Power Trio Pattern is for you if…

 You're ready and willing to put in the time to apply the lessons in this course to your trading

 You've tried trading with chart patterns on your own, but you're not satisfied with your results

 You're ready to go beyond cookie-cutter chart patterns courses and scammy trading hacks

 You want to learn how to trade with chart patterns authentically — from someone who has taken thousands of trades and whose indisputable trading methods you trust and enjoy

 You're in it for the long-haul: that means working smarter — and harder — to build your trading track record and improve your consistency

If you're ready, I can show you how to read and trade with chart patterns so you can use them for your own trading — again and again.

We've packed a lot into The Power Trio Course, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 14 days to let it digest, integrate it into your trading activities, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If our Power Trio Pattern course doesn't help you improve your trading results within 14 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the grunt work, and I'll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 14 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

Bottom line: The Power Trio Course will show you how to read and trade with chart patterns. And it's 100% risk-free.

Get our Power Trio Pattern chart patterns course of proven, authentic pattern trading techniques 👇🏽

This is one of the first emails I have received just after launching this course 💌 

This student not only purchased the product because he was referred to it by a friend, but he also preferred it to other chart patterns courses he has taken in the past.

If you don't know how to trade with chart patterns, you might enter in a trade too early. Or you'll miss the trade and you are risking that your trading business will stagnate, wither, and slowly dry up.

But if you do learn how to read chart patterns in the right way, you'll be able to not only get off your broker's favourite clients' list BUT have a trading advantage at the same time.

Having even one reliable chart pattern in your back pocket can save your next trade.

Having two reliable chart patterns is enough to build an entire business upon.

Having our whole Power Trio of chart patterns can change the way you look at chart patterns forever..

Are you ready to stop guessing and start reading the right chart patterns?

Get access to all videos Of the Power Trio Pattern course and get started immediately 🧙🏼‍♂️
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